At Limitless Health Chiropractic Thousand Oaks, patient satisfaction is our first priority.


“If you are thinking of seeing a chiropractor, do yourself a HUGE favor and call Dr. Tom NOW! You will be soooo glad you did! He is terrific on many different levels: compassionate, kind, and caring and highly knowledgeable. He loves to teach, and answers each and every question with such clarity. I have learned so much about body mechanics, nutrition, vitamins and supplements, etc. I just love his holistic approach and his appreciation for the mind-body connection!!! Dr. Tom is just the BEST! Call him! You’ll be so glad you did!”

-Marcia K., Westlake Village, Yelp 4/12/2013


“I absolutely love love love Dr. Hibbard. I was referred to him by my gym instructor who SWEARS by him. I now know why! Hibbard has been great from the moment I called him to ask about my injured knee. He gave me instructions over the phone on how to help relieve my knee pain until I was able to meet with him. Since then, he has helped  tremendously in healing the scar tissue I had developed over time and brought my knee back to life(which is very important to me in my active lifestyle). After taking x-rays to help determine what caused this problem, we noticed another important factor- my posture. My spine has morphed a bit from poor posture, and since starting my treatment plan in early November, I have noticed MAJOR differences.

I feel the greatest I’ve felt in years. Although he is a bit of a commute for me, I wouldn’t consider any other doctor.”

-Sharon S., Woodland Hills, Yelp 3/29/2013


“All I can say is I will never go to another chiropractor again. I was referred to Dr. Hibbard by numerous people I know and everything they said about him was true and more. He instantly makes you feel comfortable when you walk in and I rarely ever got that with any sort of doctor visit in the past. He is knowledgeable on just about any area and I know this because I have had many past sports injuries. He always makes sure to address any issue I bring up and you can tell that when his clients leave, me included, they simply just feel better than when they walked in. I highly recommend you give Dr. Hibbard a try if you need any sort of chiropractic work done, you will not regret it.”

-Cory G., Woodland Hills, Yelp  3/15/2013


“I visited Dr. Hibbard’s office on Wed. morning with strained muscles in my neck, resulting in extreme pain and partial immobility of my right arm. After Dr. Hibbard examined me, adjusted me, and worked on the muscels in my neck, I am happy to say that I am pain free after one visit. I am honestly shocked! You have magic hands sir, and I will highly recommend you to anyone in need. Thank you!”

-Lizz G., Westlake Village, Facebook  5/10/2012


“So my wife and I recently had our second son, and Dr. Hibbard treated my wife all the way through her pregnancy. I have to say that his treatment made all the difference in the world! With our first son my wife’s back and hips were constantly going out on her and she was really uncomfortable in the third trimester (I know, duh, right?). With this kid she wasn’t able to exercise as much to keep her strength up, but Tom made sure she stayed in alignment and she experienced WAY less pain this time around. I know second-time moms “tend” to have it easier on their second, but there is no doubt that the care she received really helped on our big day.

I’d absolutely recommend Tom to anyone. He’s an honest , compassionate, and very generous person, and works very hard to earn your business. When was the last time you went to any medical practitioner and could say that?!”

-Jesse G., Thousand Oaks, Yelp  12/26/2012


“Dr. Hibbard is one of the most knowledgeable and kind doctors I have ever been treated by! He takes time with me and I feel like a patient rather than a number to him. I highly recommend him to all my clients and friends! He has helped my friends, family, clients and I become healthier and perform our jobs better!”

-Jules J., Google 1/04/13


“Dr. Hibbard is amazing! Not only did he make a thorough anamnesis and undertake several exams, he also provided an extensive diagnosis and evaluation of my situation while explaining everything in detail. Though he did offer me immediate pain relief through adjustment twice, his repertoire goes beyond by following a goal-oriented, holistic approach. At the moment, we are working towards correcting the cause of my ailment and I am very confident. Dr. Hibbard is a caring and understanding chiropractor with great expertise. I have been there several times and can only recommend him!”

-Gabriella A., Oak Park, Yelp  11/7/2012


“Dr Hibbard was my first chiropractor and I’m certain he will be my last. This is not just his “job;” helping others is his passion and it is evident the second you meet him. He is one of the seldom doctors that actually explains everything to you and makes sure you understand what is going on with your body without making you feel like a dumb dumb. He is meticulous, compassionate, genuine, personable AND still has a sense of humor after all of that! Great guy, great doctor, my only complaint is that he is not closer to my house but Limitless Health makes the 30 minute drive worth it.”

-Tiff Z., Oxnard, Yelp  8/14/2012


“I’ve gone to a few Chiropractors and have never found one I’ve felt comfortable with, until I met Dr. Hibbard. Being a massage therapist myself I’m aware that there is more to health than just “getting the bones in order”. Dr. Hibbard not only looks at the whole picture but he has conformed my therapy to what works well with my schedule and is really focused on an end goal. He is the only Chiropractor I recommend to my clients because I know he will help them.”

-Heather K, Westlake Village, Yelp  4/10/2012

“Dr. Hibbard is a great Chiropractor! I’m a CPA and I sit a lot and consequently have some back issues. I’ve been to a few Chiropractors and have not found one until Dr. Hibbard that I feel have addressed my back issues thoroughly enough. Dr. Hibbard has spent a lot of time working with me and has offered suggestions that other Chiropractors I’ve been to have not. He is caring and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Dr. Hibbard to anyone needing a great Chiropractor!”

-Josh N., Santa Barbara, Yelp 4/10/2012


“I just had my initial evaluation with Dr. Hibbard, and it was by far, the most comprehensive of  any chiropractor I have been to.   He not only addresses the spine, but the entire body system in it’s relation to manipulation.  He takes a lengthly history, to ensure he knows everything about you, your body,  and your health.  Dr. Hibbard impressed me with his wealth of knowledge and I look forward to becoming his regular patient! “

-Merri M., Thousand Oaks,  Yelp  1/24/2013


“I had multiple prenatal adjustments with Tom and definitely owe my better 2nd pregnancy to him. He was always professional, honest and thorough. I appreciated never feeling rushed out of the office or ignored. Tom listens and offers honest feedback. He gave great nutritional advice. I also never felt like Tom was trying to “sell” me on anything that wasn’t necessary. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a doctor who operates with integrity and a strong desire to legitimately help their patients.”

-Ginny G., Google  1/22/2013


“I definitely recommend Dr. Hibbard. He is very knowledgeable and thorough. Dr Hibbard makes you feel very comfortable and is willing to explain everything to you. I never feel rushed and have already felt significant relief from his care.”

-Stephen H., Agoura, Yelp 6/25/2012


“I definitely recommend Dr. Hibbard. I came in with lower back pain and in a short period of time Dr. Hibbard was able to correct the problem and leave me pain free! If you need a chiropractor he is the best one to visit.”

-Megan C., Thousand Oaks,  Yelp  9/11/2012


“Dr. Tom is great! He takes the time to get to know you and learn about what is bothering you and what areas need pain relief. He is great at massaging your neck muscles so that the adjustments are easier. I always feel great when I leave there! I highly recommend Dr. Tom and Limitless Health for your Chiropractic needs.”

-Mary M., Google 1/12/2013


“Dr. Hibbard is a great chiropractor. He made me feel very comfortable and is very friendly. On top of that, he takes the time to explain to you what is causing your pain and how spinal problems can relate to other health problems. It gave me a lot of peace of mind when he explained to me that although I have some issues with my back, it’s not irreversible. If you’re looking for a chiropractor, definitely consider Dr. Hibbard – even if you’re a chiropractic first timer or have had bad experiences in the past, you’re bound to like him.”

-Rebekah K., Google 9/16/2012


“…I go to Dr. Hibbard expecting him to just crack/adjust my back and send me on my way. This is what occured when I visited another chiro here in T.O. This was not the case with Dr. Hibbard as he did a full examination and xrays and first explained to me my issues with my spine. I felt like I was in school again and he was the instructor teaching me in my terms about my back/spine, how it should look, how it looked and all the aspects of what a good healthy spine/back looks like. He spent more than a fair amount of time with me and making sure I understood. He is just really great and a nice person too. I need to go back and see him asap. Thanks Dr. Hibbard for the teachings and the help. You were extremely thorough and knowledgeable. Much appreciated…”

-Kelly D., Google 8/16/2012


“I have been going to Chiropractors my whole life for back pain, neck pain, and other issues, never once did I walk out feeling less pain or notice much of a difference at all. Over the last years I kinda gave up on it being of any help to me. I went to Dr. Hibbard last week and not only did I walk out feeling no pain in my neck and back but I walked out feeling rejuvenated! All the years I have gone to Chiropractors I never felt that they really even took the time to explain what was going on with my body or how much my back problems could be effecting my body in whole. Not only did he show me but really took the time to examine everything to help make this life time of pain go away! Thank You so much Dr. Hibbard!”

-Shawna G., Agoura Hills, Yelp  4/19/2012


“I highly recommend Dr. Hibbard, if you are looking for relief from your back and neck pain. The style of treatment that Dr. Hibbard offers is unique and effective. You will not feel rushed, your thoughts and concerns will be addressed, and most important, you will feel better!”

-Harriet L., Simi Valley, 5/9/2012


“Dr. Hibbard has been helping me not only to relieve pain but to correct issues with my back that I have had for many years and I can actually see and feel the improvements. I am able to physically do more than I would ever have thought possible. I continue to see improvement each week. Dr. Hibbard takes the time to listen to your concerns and answer all of your questions. I highly recommend you see him for a consultation and see how he can help you too.”

-Rhonda C., Thousand Oaks,  Google  4/12/2012


“I’ve been to several chiropractors and Dr. Hibbard is by the far the best. Dr. Hibbard doesn’t just provide instant pain relief but also evaluates the root of your ailment and helps you to achieve long term wellness.”

-Anthony C., Westlake Village, Yelp 5/4/2012


“Dr. Hibbard is my first chiropractor. I was very leary because of all the stories you hear but this was my last hope. I felt very comfortable with him from the beginning. He did complete xrays and explained exactly what was going on in my spine.I’ve been in pain for about 6 months and was desperate. After only a few treatments I actually had a couple of pain free days. I know I will have to continue this but I am hopeful he will be the answer! I’m very impressed with Dr. Hibbard…”

-Kris Scott, Simi Valley, Google 2/22/13


“…When I came in I was in intense acute neck pain and he brought me immediate relief…He believes in whole-person health and focuses on creating a plan to get you back to good health without the need for long term visits…just the period correction. That was a huge to me as my previous chiropractor just told me to keep coming without a long term plan for getting me healthy. I highly recommend Dr. Hibbard who’s sense of humor and gentle nature make you feel safe and well cared for.”

-Kristine T., Woodland Hills, Google 3/10/13


“Thanks to Doctor Hibbard my quality of life has improved dramatically. Through adjustments, postural correction, diet and supplements I have lost and kept off 30 pounds and my energy level is through the roof. I’m 54 years old and Doctor Hibbard has improved my health to the point that I am even playing basketball with the youngsters again. Thanks Doc!!!”

-Mitch D., Murrieta, Yelp  4/16/2012


“Thank you, Dr. Tom.  I was having some real issues with my hip and knee, and he diagnosed the problem.  In addition to an adjustment, he helped me come up with a plan of action that will help me in the long run.  I really appreciate that expertise.”

-Kaaren D., Newbury Park, Yelp 12/5/2012


“Limitless Health Chiropractic is a wonderful choice if you are looking for a good chiropractor. My neck and back were killing me, with treatment I found relief, and feel great, Thank you!”

-Ryan b., Brea, Yelp 4/10/2012


“Dr. Hibbard did an amazing job. I’ll definitely be returning for additional visits. Thank you doc for helping me out!”

-Andrew O., Camarillo, Yelp  7/19/2012



“Great specialized care!”

-Tim W., Simi Valley,  Yelp  1/5/2012



“Dr. Hibbard has been such a huge blessing to me! He has helped me immensely with my lower back pain and neck pain also. For practically all my life, I have suffered with chronic headaches and now they are completely gone! I am grateful to him for all the adjustments and educational advice to get me back on the road to better health! Oh and I forgot to mention, due to Dr. Hibbard ,I have lost 24 pounds too! I am forever grateful!”

-Cecilia D., Murrieta, Yelp  4/12/2012


“Dr Hibbard fixed my bad neck problem that was radiating pain down into my arm… I’m glad I chose to come to Limitless Health Chiropractic.”

-John S., Thousand Oaks, Office 3/14/2012